Get delivered before '22 Xmas

Christmas is almost here and maybe some of you are already making your gift list before the big day comes. Even though KuSakuraShop provides the fastest service, we cannot perform miracles, and we thought that some of you may need the deadlines for orders to be delivered before December 25th.

  • Custom products (embroidered Belts/Dogi, etc.): Order before November 22nd and you will be delivered before Christmas (some products may have longer production time, please be careful when ordering).
  • In-stock products shipped via FedEx DHL or UPS: the last chance to get items with embroideries/engravings delivered before Christmas is December 15th.
  • Because of the covid situation and the Ukraine war, significant delays are to be expected with national postal services, so we do not guarantee delivery before Christmas for the standard shipping method (small package/Epacket). Please make sure to select express shipping at checkout. 

We usually deliver in 4 days in Europe and North America. Our entire team will be focused on preparing your orders, and all orders for in-stock items placed on the 15th will ship on the 16th.

  • We'll be open until December 28th, then closed from the 29th to January 4th, for our winter holidays. And of course, email support will be slower but maintained the whole time.

Finally, please understand that our carriers don't employ magical reindeer, and Santa Claus isn't working at customs. Hence, on-time order delivery cannot be guaranteed 100% so please don't wait until the last minute to order!

Christmas Calendar 2022





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